What Newcomers Should Look for in Fitness Books

If you’re new to working out one of the best places to find information is in books. You’ll find an abundance of information on the internet as well as magazines but books allow you to have a reference on hand. Books not only serve as a reference but as a good guide until you get the hang of working out. It also offers information that you’re friends or personal trainer may not be able to offer. If you’re looking for exercise books, follow these tips before making your purchase.

Look for illustrations

Unless you have someone who can physically show you an exercise there’s nothing that explains a movement better than a photo. This is important since workouts in non-traditional style gyms will mean you won’t have anyone to show you exercise examples. A book with good illustrations will show you the proper movements for the exercise. Choose books that offer before and after exercise photos and those that can act as a good point of reference.

Solid explanations of illustrations

Some books will have excellent illustrations but weak explanations for the movement. Skim the book before making a purchase to view the exercise description’s. Although you are new to exercise it’s still important to understand why you’re doing the movement, what it does and how to do it. A weak explanation will not relay the information properly.

Weight training routines

Author’s will include fitness programs as a portion of the book. Peruse the book for exercises and information you are familiar with and for those that you are not. You’ll want to see the new exercises so you can add to the fitness routine you already use. As a new exerciser, it may seem a bit overwhelming but that’s to be expected since your experience is limited. Some programs have suggested reps, sets and weights for your exercise. Suggestions don’t have to be followed precisely but it presents a good idea of how to establish a routine.

Publication dates

Find the most up to date publication when you purchase a fitness book. There are older books with important information but books are often republished with new findings. Ask a clerk for help if you’re unsure that the book has been updated. Use the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or title if you have that information handy. Since the ISBN is unique to each book it will show all versions; including updated versions.